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Famous Couture Hair Collection



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-Unit takes 1-3 days to get to you after it has been shipped.
-Our LACE UNITS are made with 100% RAW VIRGIN HUMAN hair GUARANTEED GREAT QUALITY. With PROPER CARE our units will last 2 years or longer.

Shipping & Returns

Order Processing

Orders are processed 24/7 excluding holidays. Products ship within 1-4 business days.Β  Any changes to orders after it is placed will incur an additional administration fee of $10.

Payment Terms

Terms of payment are always 100% upfront. We accept most major credit cards. As soon as you place an order online, your credit card will be charged. Credit card fraud and theft of our merchandise will be lead to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Your billing and shipping address must match in order to complete a transaction on this site. Famous Couture Hair Collection. reserves the right to request additional payment and shipping verification after an order is submitted.

Shipping Policy

Orders are shipped once payment is confirmed and cleared and order is produced.Β Please keep in mind that if the item is not on hand, it will be shipped from our factory overseas. If the item is in stock, then it will ship out the same day. If it is not in stock, it will have to be custom made which takes about 2-4 days before it can be shipped. You should receive your order 3-4 business days after it has been shipped (weekends are non business days). PLEASE MAKE SURE THE ADDRESS YOU ENTER IS COMPLETE & ACCURATE! Your order will be shipped directly to the address you use at checkout. Once the order has been shipped, no changes can be made to the order as it is no longer in our possession. Orders that have to be custom made such as colored hair can not be cancelled once production has been started.Β 


If you order a straight or bodywave 150% density wig, it will ship the same or next day depending on what time order is placed. All 180% density, 5x5 closure wigs, and 13x6 lace front wigs have to be custom made. Certain textures, lengths over 30'', and all colored wigs have to be custom made as is it made to order & not kept in stock due to shortage caused by covid.Β 

All Customization production time is about 2-4 working days.Β 

Errors and Shipment Delays

Once your order has shipped, we are not responsible or liable for shipping issues that may occur such as delays, lost package,Β  delivery to the wrong address by shipping company, package returned due to failure to be delivered or invalid address because it is no longer in our possession. If you do experience such issues, please contact the shipping company (DHL,FEDEX,UPS,USPS) for proper assistance because there isn't much we can do on our end to help in these unfortunate instances. The delivery date you receive after your order has been shipped is an estimated time frame because they can not give an accurate exact delivery date as it is an international shipment and it has to go through customs & delays can occur. Once your tracking says Cincinnati, OH or Los Angeles, CA, or St. Louis, MO, or Memphis, TN you can expect it to be to you that next business day.Β We will not be responsible for shipment delays due to weather or other natural or environmental factors, we will try our best to ship out products at the specified timeframe promised. However, we advise that you place your order far in advance to allow for unplanned delays.Β Please order atleast 2 weeks in advance when purchasing hair for events to be on the safe side (especially if the hair has to be made) as delays are inevitable.Β 


We offer a 7 day period after the day your hair is delivered for returns. Customers are advised to complete return requests within 7 days of receipt in order to qualify for a return. Any return request not received within the specific time frame will be disqualified, The product must be sent back in the original condition(resell-able condition) as it was when shipped from us, meaning it cannot be combed, washed, brushed, cut, worn, colored, altered in any way(Original ties must remain in tact as it was received by the customer). Please check your hair as soon as you get it to make sure it is accurate & as described. We accept returns for hair that has defects due to a mistake on our behalf such as quality issues but it is your responsibility to cover any return shipping costs if you’d like to return. The hair must be returned in the same state it was received in. It must be unused & unaltered if you want your full payment back. If the customer selects a product in exchange of greater value, they will be responsible for paying the additional cost of the item. NOTE: DUE TO THE DELICATE NATURE OF LACE CLOSURES, LACE FRONTAL & FULL LACE WIGS THEY CAN NOT BE EXCHANGED OR REPLACED.Β 


We do not offer refunds unless it is an issue on our behalf. If there is an issue when you receive your hair, please return it for a full refund or we can correct the issue.


For your protection, we suggest that all returns be sent back to us through a traceable postal carrier with signature. We are not responsible for lost items in transits. The customer is responsible for all return freights in a product exchange transactions. Once received and determined to be in resellable form, a refund will be issued.Β 


Limitation of Liability

Famous Couture Hair Collection, does not accept liability beyond the remedies set forth herein, including any liability for products not being available for, or the provision of services and support. Famous Couture Hair Collection will not be liable for consequential, special, indirect or punitive damages even if advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any third party except as expressly provided herein. This limitation of liability applies both to products and services. Customer agrees that for any liability related to the purchase of products, Famous Couture Hair Collection is not liable or responsible for any amount of damages above the aggregate dollar amount paid by customer for the purchase of products under this agreement. Customer agrees that for any liability related to the purchase of services not bundled with products under this agreement, Famous Couture LLC is not liable or responsible for any amount of damages above the aggregate dollar amount paid by customer for the purchase of services under this agreement.


πš†πš‘πšŠπš 𝚝𝚘 𝚍𝚘 πš πš‘πšŽπš— 𝚒𝚘𝚞 𝚐𝚎𝚝 πš’πš˜πšžπš› πš‘πšŠπš’πš›?

* πšŒπš‘πšŽπšŒπš” 𝚝𝚘 πš–πšŠπš”πšŽ πšœπšžπš›πšŽ πš‘πšŠπš’πš› πš’πšœ πšŒπš˜πš›πš›πšŽπšŒπš (πš’πšβ€™πšœ πš πš‘πšŠπš 𝚒𝚘𝚞 πš˜πš›πšπšŽπš›πšŽπš)

* πšπšžπš— πšπš’πš—πšπšŽπš›πšœ πšπš‘πš›πš˜πšžπšπš‘ πš‘πšŠπš’πš› 𝚝𝚘 𝚝𝚎𝚜𝚝 πššπšžπšŠπš•πš’πšπš’

* π™²πš‘πšŽπšŒπš” πš•πšŠπšŒπšŽ & πš”πš—πš˜πšπšœ

* π™²πš‘πšŽπšŒπš” πšŒπš˜πš—πšœπšπš›πšžπšŒπšπš’πš˜πš— 𝚘𝚏 πšπš‘πšŽ πš πš’πš

* πšƒπš›πš’ πš˜πš— πš πš’πš 𝚝𝚘 πš–πšŠπš”πšŽ πšœπšžπš›πšŽ πš’πšβ€™πšœ πš—πš˜πš 𝚝𝚘𝚘𝚘 πšœπš–πšŠπš•πš• πš˜πš› πš‹πš’πš (πš’πš 𝚒𝚘𝚞 πš”πš—πš˜πš  πš’πš˜πšžπš› πš‘πšŽπšŠπš πšœπš’πš£πšŽ 𝚒𝚘𝚞 πšŒπšŠπš— πš˜πš›πšπšŽπš› πš πš’πš πš πš’πšπš‘ πšŒπšŽπš›πšπšŠπš’πš— πšœπš’πš£πšŽ πšŒπšŠπš™)

π™Έπš 𝚒𝚘𝚞 πš—πš˜πšπš’πšŒπšŽ πšŠπš—πš’πšπš‘πš’πš—πš πš πš›πš˜πš—πš πš πš’πšπš‘ πš’πš˜πšžπš› πš‘πšŠπš’πš›, πšπšŠπš”πšŽ πš™πš’πšŒπšπšžπš›πšŽπšœ. π™Έπš πšπš‘πšŽπš›πšŽ πš’πšœ 𝚊 πš–πš’πšœπšπšŠπš”πšŽ πš˜πš— πš˜πšžπš› πš‹πšŽπš‘πšŠπš•πš, πš›πšŽπšŠπšŒπš‘ 𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚞𝚜 πš πš’πšπš‘πš’πš— 𝟽 𝚍𝚊𝚒𝚜 πšŠπšπšπšŽπš› πš’πšβ€™πšœ πšπšŽπš•πš’πšŸπšŽπš›πšŽπš 𝚝𝚘 𝚒𝚘𝚞 πšπš˜πš› πš›πšŽπšπšžπš›πš—πšœ. πš†πš‘πšŽπš— πš™πšžπš›πšŒπš‘πšŠπšœπš’πš—πš πš‘πšŠπš’πš› πš˜πš— πš‘πšŠπš—πš πš™πš•πšŽπšŠπšœπšŽ πšŒπš‘πšŽπšŒπš” πšπš‘πšŽ πš πš’πš πšπš‘πš˜πš›πš˜πšžπšπš‘πš•πš’ πš‹πšŽπšπš˜πš›πšŽ 𝚒𝚘𝚞 πš‹πšžπš’ 𝚊𝚜 πšœπšŠπš•πšŽπšœ πš πš’πš•πš• πš‹πšŽ πšπš’πš—πšŠπš•.

Care Instructions

Our hair is human hair and should be treated as you would the actual natural hair on your head.

Pre-Wash:Β Gently remove tangles with fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Start at the end and slowly work toward the roots to avoid damage. Do not brush.

Wash:Β Rinse by holding the hair under running cool water. Allow the water to run from roots to ends.Β 

β€’Place a small amount of sulfate-free shampoo in your hand, evenly and gently stroke it through the hair in a downwards motion from the roots to the ends.

β€’Rinse by holding under running cool water until the water runs clear. Gently squeeze to press out excess water. Do not twist or wring.

​Condition:Β Place a small amount of conditioner in your hand evenly, and gently work it through the hair in a downwards motion from the mid-shaft down to the ends avoiding the base and root. Applying conditioner to the base may cause shedding.

β€’Leave the conditioner on forΒ a few minutes or follow the conditioner manufacturer’s instructions. Do not leave in.Β 

β€’Rinse by holding under running cool water until the water runs clear. Gently squeeze or use a clean, dry towel to press out excess water. Do not twist or wring.

β€’Place wet wig on a wig stand until it is completely dry. Let air dry.Β 


β€’Wash or rinse all human hair products and style before wearing them. Human hair is not ready to wear out of the box.

β€’Rinsing with hot water can damage the cap.

β€’Drying on a solid form or mannequin head can cause stretching of the cap.

β€’We do not recommend swimming while wearing the wig as chlorine and ocean waterΒ may haveΒ chemicals that can affect the hair if not properly washed.

β€’Tie hair up at night, if it is curly hair, braid it to preserve curls, or store the wig on a wig stand to avoid unwanted kinks or crimps.

β€’Lace is thin & delicate and should not be tugged or pulled.

β€’Comb curly hair with wide-tooth comb only to avoid causing shedding.

β€’Any cutting or chemical processes, such as perming or coloring, should be done by a professional hairstylist.Β Over-processing/bleaching can cause damage to the human hair and affect the quality.

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